Fuji Pictography 4000


The Pictrography 4000 has capacity for ultra high-speed printing, photo-realistic and continuous color quality, an auto calibrator, and the ability to handle multiple paper sizes, the PG4000 sets a new standard in digital color printing. The PG4000 features Fujifilm's exclusive "Laser Exposure - Thermal Development - Dye - Transfer Process," producing continuous gradation equal to that of a silver halide photographic print.

  • True Photographic Quality, silver halide photographic process.
  • Laser exposure - thermal development - Dye Transfer Process.
  • Enhanced productivity due to SCSI II connectivity.
  • Fast printing speed; 120 sec./print, 70 sec./ subsequent prints in continuous operation.
  • Printer drivers included. Allows printing from any application.
  • Environmentally Friendly! No messy ribbons or chemicals.
  • Rugged, proven reliability.
  • Built-in color calibration system, easy to use and creates consistent color output.
  • Uses the same Matte, glossy and overhead transparency materials.