Institute for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine

at the University of Washington

Embryonic Development

Christine Disteche, PhD (Pathology)
Research in my lab focuses on the regulation of the mammalian X chromosome.

Cecilia Giachelli, PhD (Bioengineering)
My lab is interested in applying stem cell and regenerative medicine strategies to the areas of ectopic calcification, tissue engineering, biomaterials development and biocompatibility.

David Kimelman, PhD (Biochemistry)
This lab dissects the formation of mesodermal progenitor cells in zebrafish as a model organism, focusing on how these cells form the trunk and tail.

Akio Kobayashi, PhD (Nephrology)
The primary interest of the Kobayashi laboratory is to understand the cellular and molecular regulatory mechanisms leading to the establishment of the mammalian kidney using the mouse as a model system. The laboratory also focuses on understanding the genes that are involved in reprogramming kidney cell types so that it can be ultimately possible to restore kidney function in patients with kidney disease, ultimately eliminating the need for dialysis or renal transplantation.

David Parichy, PhD (Biology)
Our research program uses the zebrafish and related species to answer a variety of biological questions having both basic and translational relevance. Current efforts are focusing on: the establishment, maintenance, and recruitment of post-embryonic stem cells in the context of normal development, evolutionary diversification, and melanoma; the genes and cell behaviors underlying adult pigment pattern formation and how these mechanisms have evolved between closely related species to generate strikingly different pigment patterns; and the molecular mechanisms of the larval-to-adult transformation, or metamorphosis, which generates the adult form.

David W. Raible, PhD (Biological Structure)
We are interested in the development of the peripheral nervous system using zebrafish as a model. Current research focuses on two areas: sensory neurons derived from neural crest and the mechanosensory lateral line system.

Valera Vasioukhin (Fred Hutch)
Our laboratory studies the mechanisms and significance of cell polarity and cell adhesion in normal mammalian development and cancer.


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