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June 8-10, 2016

Stockholm University
Stockholm, Sweden

The rights of all children to develop to their full potential and to participate without barriers in all aspects of society constitute the overarching themes of this conference. Encouraging and supporting the inclusion of children with developmental delays and disabilities in natural environments, including family settings, child care, and preschool programs, is at the core of maximizing children’s rights. Indeed, the concept of full participation is consistent with two United Nations treaties that address these rights: Convention on the Rights of the Child and Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Ulf Janson, to whom this conference is dedicated, devoted much of his professional life to promoting the rights of young children with disabilities, understanding the nature of social inclusion, and advocating for the full inclusion of all children and their families.

In this conference, early intervention is proposed as a basic right of all vulnerable children, and will be explored from many perspectives. Issues related to access, equity, quality, and accountability are paramount. Strengthening families, training professional personnel, promoting social-emotional development, conducting reliable, valid, and culturally appropriate assessments, exploring issues related to institutional care and deinstitutionalization, examining the impact, prevention, and treatment of trauma, abuse, and neglect, testing and evaluating new strategies and techniques to promote a child’s development to the fullest, and developing approaches to enhance social inclusion will be among the topics included in our program. The development and evaluation of policies in individual countries or regions within countries to ensure that early intervention is among the rights of young children will provide an important context for our program.

Stockholm 2016

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