Appeal Process

Occasionally an author will conclude that the referee made substantive errors in reviewing his or her paper. To resolve these disputes equitably, and to rectify serious errors, the JFQA relies on the following procedure.

  1. A letter detailing the issues in dispute is sent by the author to the editorial office and forwarded to the referee.
  2. The referee is asked to respond to the editor, indicating agreement or disagreement regarding with the issues raised by the author.
  3. If the author and referee fail to reach agreement, the author can initiate the following dispute procedure:
    1. The fee to appeal is $500. Click the button below to initiate the formal dispute. 
    2. The editor will send the paper to another referee, along with all of the relevant correspondence from the first review, including the correspondence between the author and the first referee. The dispute referee will review the version of the paper that was originally submitted.
    3. If the second referee convinces the editor that the first referee erred in a significant way and that a revision request is appropriate, the $500 fee will be refunded, and the review process will continue with the second referee replacing the first going forward.
    4. If the second referee agrees with the first referee, the paper is rejected, no submission fees will be refunded, and the rejection decision is final.