Established in 1974, the Journal of Japanese Studies features original, analytically rigorous articles from across the humanities and social sciences, including comparative and transnational scholarship in which Japan plays a major part

Other Publications

In addition to The Journal of Japanese Studies, the Society for Japanese Studies has also published four edited volumes on contemporary Japan:

Kenneth B. Pyle, ed., The Trade Crisis: How Will Japan Respond? (1987)

Kozo Yamamura, ed., Japanese Investment in the United States: Should We Be Concerned? (1989)

Kozo Yamamura, ed., Japan’s Economic Structure: Should It Change? (1990)

John O. Haley and Kozo Yamamura, eds., Land Issues in Japan: A Policy Failure? (1992)

Both The Trade Crisis and Japan’s Economic Structure are out of print. Copies of Japanese Investment in the United States and Land Issues in Japan are available for $2.00 per copy for shipment to addresses in the United States; international orders are $4.50.  Payment must be by cash or check made payable to the Journal of Japanese Studies (international orders may be paid by credit card for $5.00).  Send orders to:

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