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Suggested Reading Lists

For those who build course reading lists, we offer suggested collections of JJS articles grouped by theme or period.  You might use some or all of the articles in a list as part of a class you teach.  The links below to individual lists indicate who curated each list, and the separate lists include links to each article in the JJS online collection.  This effort is a work in progress; be sure to check back for new lists on different topics.

Let us also gently remind users to never download the PDF from the database to circulate among your students. This robs scholarly journals of the clicks that translate into royalty revenues. Instead, give your students the chance to learn how to access knowledge in databases. Tell them what article to download and how to access it but make them go through the steps themselves. This empowers them with skills and knowledge and also helps scholarly journals to survive. Thanks!

Early and Medieval Japan (Morgan Pitelka)
Edo-Period History (Morgan Pitelka)
Business, Management, and Labor (Janet Hunter)
Postwar History and Politics (T. J. Pempel)