Principal Investigator

Hao Yuan Kueh
Assistant Professor, Bioengineering

Research Interests: Systems, synthetic and quantitative biology; quantitative biology, cell fate decision making, immunology

Contact: kueh [at] uw [dot] edu

Lab Members

Kathleen Abadie
Graduate Student, Bioengineering
NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Co-mentored with Doug Fowler, Genome Sciences

Research Interests: Kathleen is studying the molecular regulators of memory cell differentiation.

Hobbies: Biking, running, backpacking, swimming, making snacks, and reading

Cell Type: Kathleen would be a red blood cell, because she likes to (bi)cycle around and get her oxygen flowing.

Contact: abadiek [at] uw [dot] edu

Lihua Chen
Lab Manager; Research Scientist

Research Interests: Lihua is interested in molecular mechanisms that regulate cell differentiation.

Hobbies: Travelling around world and tasting all different kinds of food.

Cell Type:

Contact: lihua [at] uw [dot] edu

Jon Chu
Graduate Student, Molecular and Cellular Biology Program, Medical Scientist Training Program
Graduate Fellow, Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine

Research Interests: Jon is exploring the basis for enhancer control of T-cell lineage specification programs.

Hobbies: Neighborhood walks, gardening, reading, playing music

Cell Type: I’d be a hair cell (of the ear) because I like to bob around to music.

Contact: jonchu36 [at] uw [dot] edu

Twitter: @jon_chu_

Elisa Clark
Graduate Student, Bioengineering
NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Research Interests: Elisa is investigating the molecular regulators of T-cell dysfunction in chronic infection and cancer.

Hobbies: Cooking, baking, hiking, running, knitting, and crafting

Cell Type: I’d be a photoreceptor cell because I enjoy the arts, sightseeing/photography, and watching Netflix.

Contact: eclark23[at] uw [dot] edu

Jumana Fathima
Undergraduate, Bioengineering

Research Interests:  Jumana is interested in learning more about cell fate decisions, their dynamics, and applications in real world solutions.

Hobbies: Watching Netflix and reading mystery fiction.

Cell Type:  A neutrophil, because when faced with a challenge I am able to think on my feet to come up with a successful plan.

Contact:  jumanaf[at] uw [dot] edu


Sam Nguyen
Graduate Student, Molecular Engineering and Sciences

Research Interests: Sam is interested in mechanisms underlying the molecular circuitry responsible for cell fate determinations. Currently, he is investigating the effect of histone modifications on genetic switches at crucial steps in T-cell development.

Hobbies: Outside the lab, Sam enjoys traveling, watching movies, and making handcraft arts.

Cell Type: His favorite cell is hepatocytes due to their extraordinary genetic program to sense and tightly regulate blood glucose level.

Contact: phbn [at] uw [dot] edu

Nick Pease
Graduate Student, Molecular and Cellular Biology Program
Graduate Fellow, Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine

Research Interests: Nick is interested in studying the mechanisms of developmental gene regulation and will be investigating the role of chromatin modifiers in controlling Bcl11b expression during T-cell differentiation.

Hobbies: Nick enjoys reading, hiking, and attempting to cook.

Cell Type: Nick would be a macrophage so that he could travel and eat all day.

Contact: peasen [at] uw [dot] edu

Allan Wang
Undergraduate, Bioengineering

Research Interests: Allan is interested in learning more about T-cell differentiation and proliferation and how they can be applied in real world applications.

Hobbies: Swimming, playing the Alto Saxophone, cooking, and hiking

Cell Type: I am a heart muscle cell because I am working hard 24/7.

Contact: allanw1 [at] uw [dot] edu


William White
Graduate Student, Bioengineering
Co-mentored with David Baker, Biochemistry

Research Interests: William is studying the signaling dynamics of T-cell activation by creating in silico models that can accurately recapitulate real T-cell activation behaviors.

Hobbies: William enjoys gymnastics, skiing, and board games.

Cell Type: I would be a fibroblast because I am flexible from all the gymnastics that I do.

Contact: wlwhite [at] uw [dot] edu

Matt Wither
Graduate Student, Bioengineering
NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Research Interests: Matt is investigating the mechanisms that control T-cell differentiation and fate upon activation.

Hobbies: Snowboarding, most sports, and chess

Cell Type: Matt is very active, and considers himself a muscle cell, as they allow for movement.

Contact: witherm [at] uw [dot] edu


Marcus Woodworth
Graduate Student, Biological Physics, Structure and Design Program
Co-mentored with Joshua Vaughan, Chemistry

Research Interests: Marcus is interested in developing and using new microscopy-based methods to study the structure of chromatin in cells.


Cell Type: I would be a photoreceptor cell since I like keeping an eye on things.

Contact: marcwood [at] uw [dot] edu

Selena Yeung
Undergraduate, Bioengineering

Research Interests: Selena is just starting in the lab and is being trained in the techniques of molecular and cellular biology.

Hobbies: Swimming, playing tennis, baking, and traveling

Cell Type:  I would be a macrophage because I like eating and trying new foods.

Contact: selenay1 [at] uw [dot] edu


Hyeon Jin Kim, Undergraduate student
Jonathan Lim, Undergraduate student
Jamie Santos, Undergraduate student
Leonard Chen, Undergraduate student
Eric Yang, Rotation student
Issa Yousif, Rotation student
Blythe Irwin, Undergraduate student
Kenneth Ng, Lab manager/research scientist