Course Offerings

Autumn Quarter

Systems Immunology and Immunoengineering: This course will explore our progress towards a quantitative, engineering-level understanding of immune system function, and survey current efforts to engineer immune cells and molecules for therapy. Specific topics include: systems-level identification of immune cells and regulatory molecules using high throughput approaches; specificity and selectivity in immune receptor signaling; coordination of multi-cellular responses by cytokine cell-cell communication; and generation of anti-cancer immune responses with chimeric antigen receptors. This knowledge will lay foundations for engineering the immune system to fight disease.

Course Designation: BIOEN 498 H/599 I

3 credits

Prerequisite: N/A

Questions? Email Professor Kueh at kueh [at] uw [dot] edu.

Spring Quarter

Advanced Systems and Synthetic Biology: Covers advanced concepts in systems and synthetic biology. Includes kinetics, modeling, stoichiometry, control theory, metabolic systems, signaling, and motifs. All topics are set against problems in synthetic biology.

Course Designation: BIOEN 424/524, EE 424/524, CSE 487/587, CHEM E 477/577

3 credits

Prerequisite: either BIOEN 401, BIOEN 423, E E 423, or CSE 486

Questions? Email Professor Kueh at kueh [at] uw [dot] edu.