What do we study?
In the Language Development and Processing (LDP) Lab, we investigate language learning, development, and processing in the first five years of life.

Our focus is on understanding how diverse learning environments impact children's language learning ability and their processing of language. Some of our studies are conducted in the laboratory and some are conducted in children's natural environments (e.g., at homes or in early education centers). We use a variety of non-invasive, child-friendly, and fun methods!

Our research is guided by the following questions:

  • What do infants' and children's language environments look like at home and at school, when adults interact with them in one, two, or multiple languages? How do these environments change as children grow and learn to use language themselves?
  • How do children's language learning environments impact their ability to learn and process one, two, or multiple languages?
  • How do children's brains process one, two, or multiple languages?
  • How can we use laboratory findings to enhance children's language learning environments through intervention in homes or in early education centers?

The overarching goal of our research is to advance our knowledge about language learning, development, and processing, and to create environments where children from diverse backgrounds can reach their full language learning potential! To read our research papers, click here.