Our Team

Learning Gateway Functions

A small team. Hard work and customer service focus.

  • Jon Anscher, MAT – Director. User-centered design, instructional design, project management.
  • Simona Lazar, MSIM – Instructional Design Consultant. Contact Simona if you want to know how Learning Gateway can help you achieve your eLearning goals.
  • Caleb Pong – Sr. eLearning/LMS Analyst. Manages all training for GME Residents and Fellows.
  • Joe Wilson – eLearning User Experience Designer. Creates visual styles, prototypes, wireframes and interactions for eLearning courses and sites.

Learning Gateway Committee

The following have been appointed to the Learning Gateway Committee by the UW Medicine Quality and Patient Safety Committee. In addition to our operations folks, the following individuals make up the LG Committee:

  • Dr. Jennifer Best, Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education
  • Amity Neumeister, Assistant Dean, Accreditation
  • Susan Johnston, Director of Education for Graduate Medical Education
  • Gabrielle Pett, Director of Graduate Medical Education

Our Content Experts

We are very grateful to all and each of our content experts, who make online education possible at UW Medicine.

Course Authors
Abuse and Neglect: Reporting in WA State  Thomas W. Pendergrass, MD; Erica Sumioka, JD
Antimicrobial Stewardship  Paul Pottinger, MD; John Lynch, MD; Rupali Jain, PharmD; Jeannie Chan, PharmD
Central Venous Catheter  Mika Sinanan, MD, PhD.; Jacob Rosen, PhD.; Andrew Wright, MD; and Vanessa Makarewicz, RN, MN
Error Disclosure  Cindy Jacobs, RN, JD; Richard Goss, M., MPH; Thomas Gallagher, MD; and Thomas Staiger, MD
Fatigue Management and Mitigation
 Donna Henderson, BSN, MHA; Gene Peterson, MD, PhD; Sara Kim, PhD; and Theodore Bushnell, MD
Infection Control and Bloodborne Pathogens  Timothy Dellit, MD; Anneliese Schleyer, MD; and Estella Whimbey, MD
Language Support  Linda Golley and Martine Pierre-Louis
Patient Safety  Donna Henderson, BSN, MHA; Gene Peterson, MD, PhD; and John Bramhall, MD
Patient Safety Net  Pat Tennent, Lisa Goben, Andrea Ball, and Simona Lazar
Respiratory Protection  Estella Whimbey, MD and Mary Dessel, RN, BSN
Essential Teaching Skills  Mark Wicks, PhD and Thomas J. Halverson, PhD
Venous Thromboembolism  Ann Wittkowsky, PharmD. and Richard Goss, MD, MPH

Our Partners and Associates

Executive Sponsors

Our executive sponsors provide support enterprise-wide and encourage individuals to complete their online training through the Learning Gateway.

  • Richard Goss, Medical Director, Harborview Medical Center
  • Thomas Staiger, Medical Director, UW Medical Center

LMS IT Enterprise Group

These folks manage the entire Learning Management System for UW Medicine. The Learning Gateway administers the Resident/Fellow and Practitioner domains within this enterprise product.

Graduate Medical Education

The LG started as a program within Graduate Medical Education (GME) with a focus on training residents and fellows. Ongoing collaboration with GME is an important part of the Learning Gateway.

Medical Director’s Offices

The medical directors of both UWMC and HMC support the Learning Gateway through their executive sponsorship and leadership on training development.

UW Medicine IT Services Help Desk

Help is just a click or call away. All LG technical questions are managed through the UW Medicine IT Services Help Desk, including access and functionality issues. The LG lends a hand with Tier II requests.

User Access Administration

The User Access Administration (UAA) manages the user data that allows the LG to connect individuals with eLearning materials.

UWP (University of Washington Physicians)

UWP delivers a variety of trainings. Since residents are practicing medicine, they fall in scope for some of these trainings.

UW Medicine Education and Training (E&T) Committee

The E&T Committee brings together important stakeholders throughout UW Medicine in order to ensure that learning experiences in different departments coordinate together.

UW Health Sciences Library

The Health Sciences Library offers many online and in-person resources that residents can take advantage of.