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Frederick J. Newmeyer

Invited Speakers

Constructions, complexity and word order variation

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Peter W. Culicover

Two major contributions from formal linguistics to the complexity debate

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John A. Hawkins

'John read three books, Mary read three books, and Sue read three books': How to get by if your language lacks generalized quantifiers

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Lisa Matthewson

Counting, chaos and complexity in natural languages

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Andrea Moro

Degrees of complexity in syntax

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Ljiljana Progovac


Constraints on center-embedding as revealed by corpus-data

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Markus Bader and Jana Häussler

Complexity in comparative syntax: the view from modern parametric theory


Theresa Biberauer, Ian Roberts, Michelle Sheehan and Anders Holmberg

From local preferences to global configurations

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Constantin Freitag

Built-in complexity and the architecture of grammar


David Gil

Even simpler syntax: a hierarchy of grammatical complexity

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Ray Jackendoff and Eva Wittenberg

Looking for a 'gold standard' to measure language complexity: what psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics can (and can't) offer to formal linguistics

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Lise Menn and Jill Duffield

Relative Complexity of Flexible Parts-of-Speech Systems


Relja Vulanović

Complexity as detail and the case of pseudocoordination in English

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Daniel Ross

What is complexity?

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Kaius Sinnemäki

Deriving complexity trade-offs between phonology and morphosyntax

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Hisao Tokizaki

Recursive layering and sentential embedding: a minimalist metric for complexity of grammar and performance

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Andreas Trotzke

Expressive complexity in language: a mathematical perspective

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Igor Yanovich

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