What educational workshops do you offer?

PHEs  currently offer our "Let's Talk Mental Health" workshop, which is basically an awesome conversation on mental health and wellbeing. We are currently revamping or designing workshops related to alcohol, sexual assault prevention, consent, and other topics.

Who can request a workshop?

All UW-affiliated student groups are invited to host a PHE workshop. This includes...

Residence Halls
Greek Organizations

What do I need to provide in order to host a workshop?

We ask that all requesting groups provide space and technology.


The space must be large enough to comfortably accommodate all workshop participants. It also needs to have a place to project our visual aids–projection screens and white walls work equally well. (Typically, workshops are held in Greek chapter houses, or a classroom on campus. To reserve a classroom online, visit the UW Libraries online room reservation webpage.)


We require requesting groups to provide a projector for the workshop’s visual aid. The PHEs can bring a computer and the HDMI/VGA adapters. Projectors, as well as mobile projection screens, can be checked out for free from the Student Technology Fund’s Equipment Loan Program. To reserve a projector, visit the STF online reservation website.

What can I expect the day of the workshop?

15-20 minutes before the scheduled start time of the workshop, two PHEs will arrive to set up the slideshow. From there, the workshop is set to last about 40-50 minutes, but this really depends on the level of participation of the group. Afterwards, the PHEs will stick around for a few minutes to answer any questions from the group and help clean up the space.

How can I request a workshop?

We're happy to hear you're interested! Click here to request a workshop.