Student Coaching & Care

Coaching & Care

Health & Wellness is a starting point for students in distress and in need of multiple levels of support. We provide intervention, assessment and consultation to students directly and work with faculty/staff to respond to incidents that cause concern in the classroom or beyond. We will reach out to students who come to our attention and incorporate the expertise of our department and the larger campus community to create a holistic response to students. We focus on problem solving. We are not mental health providers but we do work closely with  partners like the Counseling Center and Hall Health to make sure students are connected to services when appropriate.

Why should you make an appointment with Student Coaching & Care?

  • You are not sure how to handle a situation that is affecting you emotionally, physically, academically or otherwise.
  • You would like to discuss options for staying in school while dealing with a complex situation.
  • You would like to discuss options for taking a break from school while dealing with a complex situation.
  • You would like to discuss or receive information about on- and- off- campus resources.

Why should you make a referral?

  • You are concerned about a student’s ability to cope with a situation they are dealing with (loss of a family member, end of relationship, rejection from major, financial hardship, etc.).
  • You have noticed a decline in grades, appearance or social interaction.
  • A student is dealing with a difficult situation without any clear support (unable to rely on family, not in residence halls, isolated socially, etc.).
  • You are concerned about a significant change in behavior or appearance in a student

Contact Us

Please email or call 206.543.2684 to make an appointment or to discuss your situation and relevant resources.

Other Campus Resources

If you are concerned about a student’s apparent anxiety or depression, there are resources on campus that can help:

The Counseling Center, located in Schmitz Hall, is free to matriculated students.  Call 206.543.1240 or visit their page to find out more.

Hall Health Mental Health, located at Hall Health Primary Care Center accepts insurance and is open to all students.  Visit their page for more information.

Additional Resources:

Whether you need help picking a school that is the best fit, are looking for tips on managing stress once on campus, or want guidance in making a smooth transition for a student dealing with an issue like depression, this site has the tools and information you need. The Transition Year is an online resource center to help parents and students focus on emotional health before, during and after the college transition. Visit: Transition Year

Anonymous mental health screening tools to assess your current state of mental health are available at at ULifeline, a website dedicated to college students seeking information about common emotional health issues, warning signs of problems and resources including immediate steps you can take to start addressing concerns.

Health & Wellness is committed to promoting respect, the understanding and appreciation of differences and the constructive expression of ideas. Health & Wellness provides services to all students with respect to their identity, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability or socioeconomic status.