Training & Education

LiveWell provides training & education for uw Seattle students on many topics related to students’ health and well-being. Our Peer Health Educators are students who receive in-depth training and advising around issues of health and wellness and facilitate educational workshops for the campus community. To see what current workshops are available and request one, please click the Request A Workshop link below.

LIVEWELL’s Peer Health Education Facilitators can offer the following workshops for your student audience. All of the following workshops are interactive, involve audience participation, and are 50-60 minutes unless otherwise noted below or discussed ahead of time. If you are requesting a workshop, please be advised that you are responsible for booking the location on campus and ensuring there is audio/visual equipment present- as our workshops involve slides & video clips. Please fill out the google form below at least two weeks before your requested date*

Let's Talk Mental Health 

  • Explore the common emotional-mental experiences college students report, learn about the stress continuum and identify the ways stress impacts you personally
  • Learn skills for supporting yourself and your friends through stressful times

Helpful Husky - How to be a Helpful Bystander

  • Explore the motivations and reasons we often feel compelled to help, and why we sometimes choose not to help
  • Learn the social psychology behind why and when we choose to intervene or not
  • Interactive dialogue and practice to build Bystander Intervention Skills

Alcohol Education -  Alcohol impacts, and reducing risk

  • Learn statistics about alcohol use amongst college students & the science of how alcohol works in the body
  • Explore skills to help minimize dangerous situations and undesired effects of alcohol consumption
  • Learn tips for intervening in risky situations involving alcohol or other substances

Questions can be directed to the Training & Education Coordinator, Jen Laxague, at


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