Media Conversion

Streaming Media for Student Use

The LLC provides a service for instructors to securely stream audio and video materials for students to use at the UW. We can convert VHS, DVD, CDs and many other materials. A link will be provided where the digitized content can be streamed.

To request digitization of media all instructors must fill out the following Streaming Media Request form:

Fill out this form

We can either pick up your materials or you can drop them off in Denny Hall 162 during our normal office hours (9am-5pm M-F). Or, send them through campus mail to: Box 353140

If you have any questions about media conversion feel free to reach out to one of our Staff Assistants.

For more information on copyright please consult the following page for more information on fair use: Fair Use Guide.


Can I convert and digitize my DVD, Region-Locked DVD, CD, VHS, Mini VHS, Vinyl Record, Cassette tape, Reel-to-Reel?

Yes, the LLC is able to convert and digitize all multimedia mentioned above and more for use in the classroom for language learning.

Will my digitized media be available indefinitely?

No. For copyright reasons the LLC cannot make digitized media available for extended periods beyond the class quarter. Please consult the following page for more information on fair use: Fair Use Guide

Location: Denny Hall 1st floor

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Contact Us:
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Campus Mailbox: Box 353140