MBAA VP Diversity


Hi Friends,

Welcome to the first iteration of The Digest, care of VP Diversity. This space aims to encapsulate some of the many happenings that connect to diversity and inclusion.

If I haven’t met you yet, my name is Jamie and I am the current MBAA Vice President of Diversity for the Full-Time MBA program. My role is to serve the interests and concerns of underrepresented groups at Foster.

For the 2018-2019 school year, I’d like to offer 3 intentions:


  • The day before the big race or game, a professional athlete would not pull an all-nighter getting in some last minute training. This is not the best approach to business school either.
  • High achievement is great, but burnout is real. Just like with the S&P 500, consistency is hugely important.
  • It will take trial and error, but I encourage you all to invest in your own sustainable high performance. There many resources on campus to help you along the way! Work hard, but also be compassionate to yourself.


  • There are people who we know for years, but never get very close to them. Then, there are people that we’ve only just met this week or this year, but we feel incredibly connected to them. What’s the difference here? Vulnerability.
  • A big part of business school is ‘fake it until you make it’–this is certainly true in certain settings. But, I want to offer an alternative option. It’s okay to be vulnerable sometimes.
  • I encourage you all to ask questions in class, reach out to classmates for help, go to office hours, take the lead on that accounting case (even if there is a CPA in your group!), take on leadership roles, and most importantly, get to know your classmates on a personal level.
  • For these two years, it’s not about always knowing the right answer. It’s about building the skills, the network, and the experience to take you to the next stage in your career.


  • Everyone in the program brings a unique perspective to business school. It would be a missed opportunity to leave Foster without connecting with as many different people as possible–including first years, second years, evening students, alumni, and professors.
  • Both our differences and our similarities make our community stronger. However, diversity is only meaningful when coupled with inclusion. I encourage you all to involve and empower each other–and further the collaborative Foster way.
  • When it comes down to it, the more successful your community is, the more successful you are–and in b school that also means job referrals now and in the future!