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Invitations & RSVP

Contact the MBA program office to reserve rooms, including:
– 456 Boardroom or 490 Classroom
– 4th floor Outdoor Terrace
– All 390 Classrooms
– Dempsey 333 or 233 Conference Rooms
– Anthony’s Forum (book early)
– Shansby Auditorium
– Douglas Forum

Parking validation is available at the MBA Program Office.

Guests will need to pay for their own parking on their way in (lots N1 and N5). On the way out, guests can show the validation sticker to receive reimbursement.

Contact VP Resources to use the MBAA PA:
– Microphones
– Music

TONS of equipment is available through the Student Technology Fund including:
– Video cameras
– Projectors
– iPads and Macbooks

Contact the MBA Program Office

Serving Alcohol
If you plan on serving alcohol at your event, some special restrictions apply

STEP 1: Request Permission to Serve Alcohol
You must request permission to serve alcohol at an event. You will submit your request to the UW Student Activities Office, and the request will be routed to the MBA Program Office and Foster School Facilities for approval before the SAO approves it. They will notify you if and when your request is approved. Note that the Program Office and Facilities department will only approve requests from Foster MBA students.

  • UW Policies and Regulations: Please read the UW Student Activities Office’s policies on serving alcohol at student-arranged events
  • Request your permit at least two weeks before the event
  • MBAA Events: You must be a registered MBAA officer with the UW Student Activities Office in order to request a banquet permit in the MBAA’s name
  • Department Approval: List Dan Poston,  Assistant Dean, MBA Programs as the dean/director/chair person approver.
  • Event Times: Make sure the event times on your request and the event times on your room reservation match or your request will not be approved.

STEP 2: Obtain a Banquet Permit (upon approval by SAO)
You must have a banquet permit from the State of Washington Liquor Control Board if you intend to serve alcohol at an event. Once you have received permission from SAO, you can obtain your banquet permit online here.

STEP 3:Restrict Access to Alcohol at Your Event / Post Your Permit

  • If you are serving alcohol in a public space in the Foster School, you must take precautions to avoid serving minors. Use stanchions and signage to control access to alcohol, and have a system in place to allow servers to identify event attendees. For example, have someone check id’s at the entrance to the event and give them a wristband to wear.
  • Post your Banquet Permit in a visible space within your venue.

Be sure to provide some food to your event attendees if you’re serving alcohol.

Make sure to add all club-sanctioned events here

Catalyst is the default platform for managing RSVPs.

Google Forms offers a simpler, cleaner interface that also allows recipients to respond directly within the body of the email invitation.

Calendar invitations are an excellent best practice to help improve attendance.