Foster Creative


Foster Creative is the club for students yearning to nurture their creative side alongside more traditional business skills.

Creative offers opportunities for skill-building, networking, and more by focusing on how creativity complements business and differentiates candidates.


Whether you are interested in a career in a “creative” industry or simply looking for an outlet for your creativity, FC strives to connect creative people with creative opportunities and experiences.

How do we help you unleash your inner creative beast? Here are some of the things we do together.

  • Workshops – From presentation skills to graphic design, we’ll help you merge your right and left brains to help build skills applicable in and out of the workplace.
  • Community Events – Get to know your classmates by joining us for wine and paint nights, photography outings, and more.
  • No Free Lunch –  Both a party band and an institution, No Free Lunch is the MBA band and a key part of the Foster experience. We play several shows throughout the year, including an annual house party, before we absolutely crush it at the C4C Sports Weekend closing party.
  • Speaker Series – Foster Creative plans to bring in various speakers from the creative community to talk about working with creatives or managing creativity as an integral part of your career.