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Welcome to the only club worth paying for! Other than the fact that Part II is the only CFA-endorsed positive NPV investment, it is also the only club that consistently pays dividends…in FUN (and beer)!

Part II exists for one reason and one reason alone: good times for all.

Do we put on networking events? Nope. Do we bring in speaker series? Nope. Do we do anything related to school or the bettering of one’s self? Definitely not.

What do we do? We plan kick ass trips, outings, and parties. As a Part II member you receive

  • HUGE discounts on awesome trips,
  • Free beer and food at Part II hosted parties, and
  • Access to tons of local outings.

Whether it’s the annual Whistler trip, white water rafting, field day, the opera, or our business inappropriate party, Part II is ready to partii with you!

The Part II Board

The Part II Board