MBAA Officers

Marshelle Slayton – Exec. President

After spending 5 years as an Engineer  and implementing Lean 6Sigma in packaging manufacturing, Marshelle is pursuing a career in corporate operations and strategy. Though originally from the PNW, Marshelle has lived in multiple states for her pervious role but the love for the PNW brought her back to Foster to find fulltime employment in the Seattle or Portland area. At Foster Marshelle is a Peer Advisor and an active member of the Consulting Society, Women in Business, C4C, and Operations Club. Outside of Foster, Marshelle can be found playing soccer, running, hiking, or doing anything but sitting still.

Mukund Rajasekhar – Exec. VP of Operations

I am from Mumbai, India and prior to Foster, I was the Operations Manager for a fashion & retail startup based in Mumbai.
I am spending my summer at Amazon as a Product Manager intern.
Apart from my role in the MBAA, I am a Fritzky fellow and I am actively involved in our C4C activities. I also manage the “Inside the MBA “student blog; so if you have interesting stories to share about your MBA experiences, please reach out to me and we can get you featured on the Foster website 🙂 In my spare time, I enjoy exploring the PNW, hitting up one of Seattle’s many breweries and fantasize about getting myself a dog.

Jason Schechtman – Exec. VP of Communications

Prior to Foster, Jason worked in Film and Television in Los Angeles where he worked on projects such as BABY DRIVER, OZARK, and ENTOURAGE. After quitting his job, he spent 3 months traveling the east coast and Paris before moving to Seattle. Jason will be spending the summer interning in a OTT Product Marketing role at Starz Entertainment. He wants to use his time as an MBA to learn hard skills in Marketing, build data analytics skills and create a network within the broader tech scene. For fun Jason loves attending live music, trying new restaurants and traveling.

Nimit Pathak – Exec. VP of Finance

Prior to Foster, Nimit was an index derivatives trader in Chicago where worked as an S&P 500 market maker and portfolio manager. At Foster he serves on the board of C4C and the Healthcare club and has been actively involved with the Buerk Center of Entrepreneurship to help early stage startups find their footing. He hopes to use his MBA experience to stretch his critical thinking skills and his approach to problem solving and technology innovation. Nimit will be spending the summer interning with the Digital Ventures team at Starbucks. For fun he loves exploring the mountains of the PNW, running, cooking, photography, and backpacking across interesting and less visited corners of the world.

Gina Johnson – Vice President of Career Development

Prior to business school, Gina worked as a software guru for hospital systems already live on the electronic medical record software Epic. While she enjoyed the Midwest (cheese curds, anyone?), deep down she knew she wanted to return to her Pacific Northwest roots. Now, she’s pivoting toward a career in consulting that combines her loves of data, clients, and constant learning. At Foster, she is involved in the Healthcare and Biotechnology Association, Foster Consulting Society, and Women in Business clubs. Outside of class, she goes on long walks, listens to many Podcasts, and watches a probably unhealthy amount of TV.

Derik Kumagai – Vice President of Academic Affairs

After graduating from NYU with a degree in Economics, Derik moved to out to the PNW and started a business that aimed to use sport to empower individuals and build communities. His interest in financial services and desire for exposure to working for a multi-national corporation led him back to New York where he worked for PwC in a hybrid consulting and assurance group specializing in consumer finance. He is now at Foster to broaden his knowledge of marketing and data analytics and is interning at Nike as a Finance Intern this summer. This next year he hopes to play more basketball and ukulele but is most excited about performing more (not on the ukulele) with Foster’s band: “No Free Lunch”.

Afa Malu – Co-Vice President of International Affairs

Afa, originally from Nigeria, started his career as a Mechanical Engineer working as a quality and design engineer for a furniture manufacturing company. Prior to coming to Foster, he also worked as part of a Government Policy team in Nigeria. He hopes to pivot his career to marketing and strategy in the technology or biotech industry. Afa has a passion for showing off all our unique cultures and helping international students integrate within the Foster community. He is an active member of Tech Club, EVCC, and Foster Marketing Association. Outside the confines of Foster, he enjoys competing alongside friends in various soccer leagues and enjoying all the fun Seattle has to offer.

Tanvir Singh – Co-Vice President of International Affairs

Prior to Foster, Tanvir worked in Hong Kong at a family business focused in the import/export industry and at his own startup focused on retail delivery of wine and spirits. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Purdue University and worked as a software engineer for several years. Tanvir has conducted business in many parts of the world including India, Indonesia, Japan, and Singapore, additionally, he has traveled extensively globally. With an innovative mindset and a passion for technology Tanvir is always looking for new (NPV Positive) business opportunities. He has aspirations to one day return to his entrepreneurial path. Outside of work Tanvir enjoys whisky and wine appreciation and is always down for fantastic barbecue.

Tami Geiger – Vice President of Information Technology

Tami spent the majority of her pre-MBA career as a project manager across multiple sectors – government, private equity finance and technology. While working for a software development agency, she transitioned into product management and decided to pursue an MBA with the goal of moving into corporate strategy for a technology organization. This summer, she was a Marketing Communications intern at Microsoft for the Enterprise Cybersecurity Group. Outside of PACCAR Hall, Tami loves to explore new cities and the outdoors. Since moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2011 she has done much more of the latter, nearly becoming certifiably outdoorsy.

Johnathan Duong – Vice President of Student Affairs

After graduating from the University of Oklahoma with his Electrical Engineering degree, Johnathan moved to Houston where he began his career in Oil & Gas. During his 4 years, he was an expat in Singapore and Ghana managing the network and power systems on offshore platforms. He has been to 30 countries in the last 3 years as a result. Johnathan came to Foster to diversify his skill sets and explore various opportunities in business. During his free time, Johnathan likes to play tennis, practicing cooking Asian food, and driving long distances to explore the US.

Jack Nettleton– Vice President of Student Affairs

An eighth generation Washingtonian, Jack ventured outside the state and graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, CT with honors majoring in Public Policy and Law. Prior to Foster, Jack worked in communications, public policy consulting and fundraising in the Seattle area. At Foster, Jack is focused on developing his managerial and business acumen with the hopes of working for an established Washington based company with significant business and policy impact. Outside of class, Jack loves enjoying all things his home state has to offer: from boarding on the bays and mountains of Western Washington to enjoying the delicious wines from the Eastern part of the state. He is also an avid golfer and forward for the Foster FC soccer team.

Scott BrimacombeScott Brimacombe – Vice President of Resources

Scott is a Pacific Northwest native, but came to Foster after spending the past six years on the East Coast. His background is in project management and operations for a social policy research company, where he managed over $100 million in federal government contracts and led several process improvement initiatives. At Foster, he is interested in finance and serves as a board member for the Operations club, Net Impact, and MBA Huddle. In his free time, Scott enjoys playing, watching, and obsessing over sports, traveling, and indulging in craft beer.

John TurkJohn Turke – Vice President of Challenge for Charity

John grew up in the Pacific Northwest and is excited to be back at the University of Washington after working for a couple of years as a project manager in the environmental engineering sector. He has decided to adventure into the world of product management and has spent the first half of business school memorizing the 4 Ps, the 5 C’s, and Turner’s big picture. Outside of the classroom John enjoys doing what every typical PNW native loves doing. He is honored to help lead the Challenge for Charity club and hopes that everyone in the program will make it to sports weekend this year.

Jamie Young  – Vice President of Diversity 

Jamie earned her BA in Anthropology and Political Economy from UC Berkeley. Since then she has been living in San Francisco–most recently working in sales development for an e-commerce startup. Jamie is fascinated by behavioral science and is interested in the interaction between quantitative and qualitative analysis. While at Foster, Jamie is focusing on product marketing and is very involved in the business school’s diversity and inclusion efforts. When not in Paccar Hall, you can find her relaxing on a sail boat, collecting records, and completing an endless number of crossword puzzles.

Shilpa Bothra – Vice President of Alumni Affairs

Originally from Kolkata, India, Shilpa moved to Bangalore to pursue Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science. After her undergrad, she worked as a Software Engineer for Intel Technologies for a couple of years and then moved to work for Intel in Hillsboro, Oregon. She spent a few years understanding product lifecycles from a development perspective and returned to India as a Program Manager. While at Foster, Shilpa is looking to start her career in Product Management for a technology company. She is excited to be back in the Pacific North West and loves to spend free time painting.