School of Public Health

MPH in Epidemiology

Application Due:
December 1

Maternal and Child Health/Women's Health (MCH) Track

The MCH track provides training in epidemiological methods with a focus on women, children, adolescents, and families in the United States. Graduates gain the skills necessary to pursue opportunities in research, data analysis, and dissemination of public health messages.


In addition to the Epidemiology degree requirements, our students take several required MCH courses including life-course perspective, health systems and policy, social determinants of health, and an understanding of the epidemiology of maternal and child health problems such as infant, child, and maternal morbidity and mortality, abnormal child growth and development, and early-life factors in adult health.

The MCH Seminar, held weekly in the fall, is where students learn about the core MCH competencies and identify and develop a thesis research project through feedback from faculty and students.


During the first year of the program students integrate classroom learning and professional experience through a practicum. They observe and learn from practicing professionals and engage with real-world public health challenges. We hold a virtual practicum workshop in the spring and invite regional MCH professionals to share practicum opportunities and resources that are specific to maternal and child health topics.


In the second year,  students develop a thesis, conduct original research and apply the concepts and methods learned in their coursework. The thesis focuses on a public health problem related to women, children, adolescents or families in the United States.

Application Instructions

If you are already enrolled in the MPH Epidemiology program and would like to apply for this track please contact John Paulson at

1) Apply Online. Follow the application instructions on the Epidemiology Department website. When you apply to the MPH program, select the Maternal Child Health/Women’s Health (MCH) track.

2) MCH Supplemental Statement of Purpose. You will upload this one-page document to your online application. The statement should answer the following questions:

  • Why have you chosen to work in and study maternal and child health? What issues, individuals, or communities in the US interest you?
  • Describe your experience with programs, policies, or research affecting women, children, youth, or families. Be specific.
  • What leadership roles have you assumed in your educational or job setting(s)? Give examples of how your professionalism and skills in communicating, critical thinking, and decision-making helped you to improve the health of women, children, youth, or families.
  • How do you envision your professional role in US maternal and child public health five years after graduating? How will a MPH degree help you achieve this professional goal?


Questions? Contact Daniel Enquobahrie at