Studio Theater Restore Manual

As of June, 1999
At the conclusion of an occupancy period (at "strike"), the Studio Theater must be restored to the following specifications:

Stage Lighting Systems

  1. The ST lighting should be returned to its standard "Repertory Plot" (RP). Proper hanging location and plugging of each RP fixture is painted on the grid pipes. Fixture pipe clamps must be hand tightened. Shutters, if equipped, must be open. Fixtures must be plugged to correct circuits, as indicated on the grid pipes.
  2. All fixtures, accessories, and cable not indicated as part of the RP must be removed from the grid and properly stored within the Studio Theater.
Rolling Catwalks (Bridges)
  1. The Bridges must be rolled to the ends of their beams so that there is 1 in each of the four corners of the ST. Bridges must be cleared of all loose material. Winch control boxes must be secured and not permitted to hang below the bridge.
Sound System
  1. All sound equipment including wiring, speakers, microphones, headsets and other intercom equipment, etc. will be returned to their pre-show placement or storage area.
Control Booth
  1. The lighting control console must have cues and patch cleared. Console, printer and monitors must have power turned off and must be covered with proper dust covers.
  2. Desks must be cleared of paperwork and personal effects. Trash cans are to be emptied and the floors swept.
Stage Draperies
  1. The traveler tracks under the bridges at the west end of the theater (backstage end) must have enough drapery panels of proper length, attached to traveler cars, to stretch from end to end on the track so as to cover the back wall.
  2. The traveler tracks under the north (stage left) and south (stage right) bridges, at the west (backstage) end of the room, must have at least 1 drapery panel, of proper length, attached to traveler cars, stored at the west end of the track.
  3. The traveler track under the control booth must have at least 2 drapery panels, of proper length, attached to traveler cars, stored at the east end of that track.
Seating Area
  1. The seating area must be restored to its standard configuration with the vomitory closed. One row of seats should be installed on the floor immediately in front of the risers.
  2. Users must clear seating areas of all paper and other trash. All food items should be removed.
Stage Floor
  1. The Stage Floor must be cleared of all equipment, checked for protruding nail/brad/screw heads. Following this check the stage floor is to be painted black if required.
Genie Lift and Lighting Tower Storage
  1. These units should be stored within the ST unless approved for temporary storage in the wagon dock by Meany Theater staff.
Special Arrangements
  1. Any of these requirements may be waived or modified, on a case-by-case basis, by special arrangements between consecutive use groups.

Revised: November 18, 2008