I have been a faculty member of the UW MEDEX Northwest Physician Assistant Program and an instructor for the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Department of Health Sciences since 2002. Prior to PA school I earned an MS in Zoology at the University of Wisconsin and did bird research on cranes and hawks. I was trained as a physician assistant at the University of Wisconsin, and graduated in 1984. I taught in the Anchorage Area Community Health Aide Program in 1986 and 1987. Since 1988 I have practiced at the Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center, and I served as Medical Director there from 1997 to 2002. My primary clinical interest is improving health delivery systems for chronic disease care. To that end, I am certified as a Master Trainer for the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program developed at Stanford. I have been an active board member of the Alaska Primary Care Association and the Alaska Public Health Association. I enjoy the Alaskan wilderness by foot, kayak, ski, bike and gazing out the window during long meetings.