Clinical Coordinator

When I was 12, I begged for permission to take a CPR class.  As a senior in high school I took a CNA class, and used this certification for over 10 years to help finance college and overseas adventures.  I earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology, worked as a social worker, and was also an EMT for 10 years.  I then worked as a Community Health Aide in the village of Levelock AK for 5 years.  I am very proud to be a graduate of Anchorage class 1, in 2011.  At graduation, I was honored with the Underserved Service award, and in 2014, I was awarded the “Future of MEDEX” for representing the profession in an exemplary manner of practicing medicine, and in professional and community activities.

I spent the first seven years of my PA career in Naknek and have a deep passion for rural and bush medicine.  Over the years, I have been preceptor to many PA, NP and medical students.  I absolutely love teaching; the students usually teach me more.  I often reflect back on my own education and am still humbled by the people who took the time to teach me.

In my new position, it is my priority is to make sure that all students have an excellent learning experience.  As a rural healthcare provider, I cannot express or appreciate enough the need to train our students locally with exposure to rural Alaska medicine.  The medicine that is learned in a rural setting is special on so many levels, and it creates perspective, humanity, and sense of community that will be carried throughout one’s career.  It is our MEDEX graduates who become our colleagues, and who are providing frontline patient care across the state.  I am honored to be in the clinical coordinator role of advocating and educating our future.