Director of Admissions

Like many of the faculty, staff and students at MEDEX Northwest my academic and professional path has been interesting and varied. I began with an associate degree in allied health and worked as a massage therapist, then in the natural health and beauty product industry, and as a military move manager with a major international transportation company. When I finally decided to further my education, I completed a Bachelor of Science in Law and Ethics. I followed this with a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership at Quinnipiac University.

I began working for MEDEX in the spring of 2005 and have truly found a career that fits with my personal mission of having a positive impact on society. Everyone at MEDEX is extremely passionate about PA education and our focus on expanding access to health care in communities with unmet medical needs. The students I have worked with during my time at MEDEX have fueled my passion for research focusing on non-cognitive attributes in successful students, academic disparities in rural and urban underserved communities, improving student diversity at all levels of education, and challenges for adult learners. I continue to be inspired by MEDEX students and have the distinct privilege of knowing a great many amazing graduates.