Clinical Coordinator

In the 1980s I was a University student in Montana when I was introduced to a “NEW career field – the Physician Assistant.” I soon found myself attending PA school through the US Army (now IPAP) graduating in 1987 and later with an MPAS from the U of Nebraska. My military career spanned 22 years with 12 ranks where I had several “firsts” including: attended the first Joint Emergency Medicine (EM) PA Residency at LAC-USC, USAF EMPA, EMPA on the White House Medical Unit Staff, EMPA with independent practice privileges, and Chief of Medical Readiness/Inspector General for the Surgeon General for all of the Pacific Air Forces. I was the Commander of the Joint military C4: Combat Casualty Care Course, a Disaster Management Commander for FEMA and an Instructor at many levels including IPAP, the Army EMPA Residency and Operational EM skills courses. I had multiple deployments including Bosnia and the Gulf region, and humanitarian missions with Joint POW/MIA accountability in Burma to refugees in Cuba and Africa. I retired from the USAF in 2006 and I’ve worked as a civilian in Landstuhl, Germany ER, with the Wounded Warriors and in settings with the underserved to executive medicine, and in solo remote sites such as Yellowstone and Midway Island.

Serving MEDEX as an Instructor and Clinical Coordinator is a perfect fit and MEDEX is offering me the opportunity to teach, train and support the next generation of PAs. I’m pleased to work with a great staff of respectful, selfless serving professionals, in a program that historically started with and still supports our military applicants. I plan to share its high levels of integrity and professionalism with the preceptors, sites, and staff throughout the WWAMI system and to carry on and reflect the values of the PA tradition.