Filling out the supplemental application 

First, read the detailed supplemental application instructions

Review the prerequisites as well as the Technical Standards document prior to filling out the supplemental application. In order to apply to the MEDEX Northwest Physician Assistant Program, you will need to check off that you meet all the prerequisites on this list. No one will be exempt from meeting these minimum standards, regardless of prior training, education, or medical experience. 

Fill in all applicable information completely and accurately. Do not hit the back arrow or navigate away from the supplemental application, as this could reset the form. It is recommended that you complete the essay portion in an external editor (Microsoft Word, for example) and then copy the essays into the application. 

Ensure that you have entered your 10-digit CASPA ID number correctly in the space provided; if you submit the supplemental application with an incorrect CASPA ID, the application will not go through the initial screening and file review process. Before submitting the supplemental application: 

  • Confirm that you have the correct CASPA ID number 

  • Double-check your submission for accuracy and content 

  • Print a copy of the supplemental application for your records 

Remember to apply early! Applying early gives MEDEX time to resolve any potential issues with either your supplemental or CASPA applications. Applying early can improve your chances of attending an earlier interview. Applications that are not verified by CASPA 6-8 weeks after the application deadline may not be reviewed in time to be considered for an interview. 

Finally, MEDEX students are expected to display professionalism appropriate to the development of their roles as PAs. MEDEX looks for applicants who conduct themselves professionally, respectfully, and honestly during all communication with the program, within their applications, and during their interviews, who will bring those strengths with them to the classroom. 

In its ongoing mission of expanding access to healthcare and improving medical care for the underserved, the MEDEX Northwest Physician Assistant Program announces a potential opportunity to complete the Masters of Clinical Health Services degree in Hawaii. Although the program details have not yet been finalized, candidates for the MEDEX Northwest Hawaii campus in Kona can apply beginning on July 10, 2019. Applicants to the Hawaii campus location will be required to satisfy the same stated prerequisites as all other MEDEX Northwest applicants. Read more here

For questions about the MEDEX Supplemental Application please contact MEDEX Admissions at medex@uw.edu.  

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