Q: Do my CASPA application, references and transcripts ALL have to be received by CASPA by the deadline or will documents be added when they arrive at CASPA?

A: All required documents must be received by CASPA before verification of the application can begin. You can submit and pay for your CASPA application before they receive all of your transcripts and references. However, please know that the CASPA verification process will take approximately 4-6 weeks, perhaps longer during peak application deadline times. Once an applicant’s file is complete, including all required documents, and has been verified it will be forwarded to the designated programs. Remember to continue to check the status of your application with CASPA once you have submitted it to be sure they are receiving everything they need to verify your application. CASPA is not done processing your application until it is verified.

Q: Do I need to enter all academic information or just the last 90 credits?

A: Applicants must enter their entire academic history beginning with their first college course to the most recent course taken. MEDEX requires that a full academic history be completed in the CASPA application and all transcripts from each college attended be submitted directly to CASPA.

The depth and length of medical experience and formal medical training, such as nursing, military corps school, etc., is also reviewed in this section.

Q: I applied last year through CASPA. Do I need to complete a new application or does CASPA have my previous application?

A: CASPA has updated the application system and now offers the option to bring applications forward from one cycle to the next.  Reapplicants who submitted and paid for the CASPA application in the last admissions cycle now have the ability to update their previous application and submit it for the current cycle (with a new fee). Be sure to review and update each section of the CASPA application with any new information.  All references and academic transcripts must be resubmitted directly to CASPA. The format of the CASPA application is web-based. References and the applicant’s personal statement may be different from the previous year. This process ensures accuracy and verification of all information submitted for a particular application year.

Q: What if I’m taking classes this spring or summer quarter but want to submit my application before the quarter is over to meet a specific program deadline?

A: On the CASPA application, please enter any coursework you are currently completing in the PLANNED OR IN PROGRESS section of the application. Once the applicants’ current CASPA application documents have arrived and been verified, their files will be sent to their designated program(s). The applicant should submit an official transcript to CASPA and MEDEX documenting that coursework has been completed. CASPA updates may not happen until the end of the admissions cycle, so applicants should send a copy to each program they have applied to. It is up to each individual program to decide how these updates affect the selection and admission of its students.