Can I work while attending the MEDEX program?

MEDEX is a full-time educational program that requires regular independent study. Employment during your MEDEX studies is strongly discouraged since it interferes with study time and concentration.

Employment and work-related activities should not interfere with attendance, and are not valid excuses to miss class, miss scheduled clinical rotations or fail to submit required coursework on a timely basis.*

It is especially important that students represent themselves as PA students only in clinical settings during the formal experiences (clinical rotations) arranged by the program. While shadowing is useful prior to PA school, this informal kind of arrangement is no longer appropriate during PA education.

Students who work in a health-related profession during breaks in the academic schedule must limit their scope of practice to the health profession for which they hold a current, valid license or registration.

*Exceptions may be arranged for federally- or state-required service for members of the Reserves or

National Guard.