Q: Am I able to complete the MEDEX Supplemental Application on paper and send it in?

A: No, the MEDEX Supplemental Application is available online for electronic submission only. We recommend that applicants print and save a copy of the application for their own records before they submit it.

Q: Is it to my advantage to apply early to MEDEX (before the Sept. 1st deadline)?

A: Yes, MEDEX has a final application deadline of September 1st. Applicants to any of the four campus locations must submit their CASPA and MEDEX Supplemental Applications by September 1st. Submitting applications early allows for more processing time.

Another advantage to applying to both CASPA and MEDEX early is to provide an opportunity to correct any errors on the applications or request any documentation needed to clarify any of the information provided in either application.

Q: Is it more difficult to get into the program if I am an applicant from outside the WWAMI region?

A: We are a regional program, and actively recruit students from the Pacific Northwest, WWAMI region, and Hawaii. Every year we have students from outside the WWAMI region who meet the MEDEX program mission, but the process becomes more competitive for these non-regional applicants.

Q: What is WWAMI?

A: WWAMI is the regional educational program of the University of Washington School of Medicine, including Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho.  MEDEX Northwest follows this same geographic footprint as a regional PA program.

Q: I am attending another PA program but would like to transfer to MEDEX. Do you accept transfer students?

A: MEDEX does not accept transfer students from other PA education programs, however students are welcome to apply to MEDEX along with all other applicants.