Applicants planning to apply to MEDEX next year must meet both the academic and clinical requirements by the final application deadline of 11:59 EST, November 1st, 2020. Please review the details for the clinical requirements and academic prerequisites found through the links on this page. 

MEDEX continues to focus on educating experienced health personnel from diverse backgrounds. 

Academic prerequisite overview: 

  • MEDEX Northwest prerequisites must be completed with a B- or better (per course) prior to the November 1st application deadline to qualify. 

  • It is strongly recommended that the prerequisite courses be completed within the last five (5) to seven (7) years. 

  • Each prerequisite course must be taken as a “stand-alone” course, separate from other prior certificate training programs and professional degree programs. 

  • Courses must be taken at any regionally accredited community college or university for a letter grade or grade on a 4.0 scale. Before registering for courses, applicants should check the accreditation status of the institution(s) (both online and local) here: Council for Higher Education Accreditation

Clinical experience prerequisite overview: 

  • In addition to the academic requirements, all applicants must meet the minimum 2,000-hour paid, direct, hands-on clinical patient care prerequisites. 

  • Competitive MEDEX candidates have more than the minimum 2,000 hours – averaging a total of 6.5 years – of paid experience, usually in primary care or emergency medicine. 

  • When considering a position in health care, remember that the clinical experience that MEDEX is looking for is in the direct delivery of patient care. 

Detailed Information 

For information about what applicants can do beyond what is required to be the most competitive, review the information below. 

Profile: A Competitive MEDEX Applicant  

For detailed clinical prerequisite and degree prerequisite information, review the information below. 

Clinical Experience Prerequisites  

Academic Prerequisites