Ashley McCulley her 4-month family practice preceptorship at the UW Neighborhood Northgate Clinic. The clinic follows the medical home model, ensuring that patient care is coordinated across all provider services. Medical practitioners work in open-office pods to better facilitate team consults and decisions. “There’s better communication because you’re sitting right there with everyone in the same pod,” says Ashley. “I really enjoy it.” Ashley’s six years as a Medic in the Air Force helped her to walk through the rigors of education at MEDEX Northwest. “I did have a good base knowledge of ER medicine coming into it. I came in knowing how to suture and do NG tubes, OG tubes. We could push IV drugs in the field, and all kinds of things that regular ER Techs or MAs don’t get to do.” Reflecting back on her clinical year, Ashley has high praise for those that mentored her. “I’ve had great preceptors,” she says. “I’ve never had a bad experience during my clinical year. I really liked getting up every day, and was excited to go to work and learn.”