Curriculum Vitae
Rebecca Cummins


Box 353440

Seattle, WA. 98195-3440





Selected Solo Exhibitions

     2004 Rebecca Cummins: Light Work, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

           Slow Light, I Space, Chicago Gallery for The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Chicago, IL

2003 Where is Noon?  Giant Sundials at the University of Washington in Spheres, The UW Summer 2003 ARTS Festival (in collaboration with Astronomer Woodruff Sullivan)

2002 In the Library, University of Washington Summer 2002 ARTS Festival, Seattle, WA

2001 Liquid Scrutiny, Simply Smashing, Bergen Hall, Savannah College of Art and Design,

2001 Society for Photographic Education National Conference, Savannah, GA

2000 Simply Smashing, Elastic Gallery, Sydney, NSW, Australia

           Liquid Scrutiny, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, NSW, Australia

1998 Hull Obscured /Liquid Scrutiny, Hull Time-Based Art, Sewerby Hall, Bridlington, UK.  (Public  Sitings:

           UK Year of Photography and Electronic Image.)

1996 Tamworth by Bus, Tamworth City Gallery, Tamworth, NSW, Australia

1995 The Traveling Camera Obscura, Dubbo Regional Gallery, Dubbo, NSW, Australia

1994 The Family Shoots, Commission/exhibition, Cambridge Darkroom Gallery, Cambridge. 

     In conjunctions with Signals: 1994 Festival of Women Photographers in the UK

           The Traveling Camera Obscura, Blanden Memorial Art Gallery, Ft. Dodge, Iowa

1993 To Fall Standing, Artspace, Sydney, NSW, Australia

1991      Apparent Line, First Draft WEST, Sydney, NSW, Australia



Selected Group Exhibitions


     2006 Timeless - time, landscape and new media, Quay Art Gallery, Harbourfront, Toronto, for Images Festival Toronto


     Contrasting Objectives:  Fifteen Pacific Northwest Photographers, Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA

Seeing the Light, Solway Gallery, Cincinnatti, OH

Through the Oatmeal Box, Texas Tech University Gallery, Lubbock, TX.

           Restating Empire, Gallery 110, Seattle, WA

2005 Annual  Pilchuck Glass Exhibition, William Traver Gallery, Seattle, WA

           Camera Obscurists: The Camera Obscura in Contemporary Photography, Alan Klotz Gallery, New York

     London: Looking East, Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia*

     Hot Air: National Strategy to Combat WMD’s, ICOLS Strategy Defense & Arms Fair in RISK: Creative Action in Political Culture, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, United Kingdom


           Hot Air: National Strategy to Combat WMD’s, ICOLS Strategy Defense & Arms Fair in Who’s Afraid of

                the Avant-Garde?  Performance Space, Sydney, NSW, Australia


     2004 Light Rain (collaboration with Paul DeMarinis), Wireless Experiences, Museum of Contemporary Art

KIASMA, International Symposium for Electronic Art, Helsinki, Finland*

           Society for Photographic Education Northwest Regional Conference Juried Exhibition, Gallery of Visual

                Art, Missoula, MT


           Simply Smashing in Cutting Edge: Artists Experiment With Glass, Exploratorium: The Museum of Art,

                Science and Human Perception, San Francisco, California

     2003 Yuma Symposium Exhibition, Main St. Gallery, Yuma, Arizona

     2002 ConVerge:  where art and science meet, The 2002 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, Museum  of

                 Contemporary Art, Adelaide, SA, Australia*

ICOLS (International Corporation for Lost Structures), Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia

ICOLS [art meets archive], Juxtaposed with State Archives Collection, Sydney Records Centre, Sydney, NSW

     2001 From Pinhole to Pixel, Stills Gallery at Herman Black Gallery, Uni. of Sydney, NSW, Australia*

     2000 Australia Live in Triggered, First Draft, Sydney, NSW, Australia*

1999 Trigger, First Draft, Sydney, NSW, Australia

700 Million Miles an Hour:  Journey Through the Centre of the Earth, commissioned for Ideal Works,

     Published by Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, SA*

1998 The Rainbow Machine, in The Canberra Sculpture Forum, Canberra, ACT*

Bird's Eye View in Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney, NSW, Australia*

Root, Hull Time-Based Art, Hull, UK.  (Public Sitings:  UK Year of Photography and Electronic

     Image.)  Commission.*

1997 Liquid Scrutiny  / Descending Metaphors in Lawyers, Guns & Money, Experimental Art Found., Adelaide*

Envisioned - Rebecca Cummins and Rosemary Laing, Monash University, Melbourne, Vic*

1995 Commission/exhibition.  Down the Drain, Fine Rats International, Birmingham, UK*

           Centinels  in Artful Park II.  Centennial Park Authority, Sydney, NSW, Australia*

Art Aids Link, International Computer Network Exchange. Commission, Internet exhibition,       Central London College / Cambridge Darkroom Gallery, UK.,

1994 International Symposium for Electronic Art Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, FIN.*

           Maximum Exposure, The Photographer's Gallery, London; The Museum of Science and Industry,

                Manchester, UK.

1993 Luminaries, Monash Uni. Gallery, 5th Aust. Sculpture Triennial Assoc. Exhibition, Melbourne, VIC.*

Via Crucis Australis (An Australian Journey of the Cross), Sydney Metropolitan Opera

and ART HOTLINE, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, NSW, Australia

1991 Frames of Reference:  Aspects of Feminism and Art, Artspace at The Wharf, Sydney, NSW.*

*catalogue available


2003-05    Seattle Arts Commission , Montlake Public Library Project, Seattle, Washington

1998 Ideal Works, curated by Richard Grayson, Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide,

                SA. Commissioned artwork for book project .

1998 Root, Hull Time-Based Art, Hull, United Kingdom.  (Public Sitings:  UK Year of

           Photography and Electronic Image). 


1997      Art Aids Link, International Computer Network Exchange. Commission, Internet

exhibition, Central London College / Cambridge Darkroom Gallery, United Kingdom


1995 Commission/exhibition. Down the Drain, Fine Rats International, Birmingham, United Kingdom


1994 The Family Shoots, Cambridge Darkroom Gallery, Cambridge.   In  conjunction

     with Signals: 1994 Festival of Women Photographers in the UK.



Selected Awards

2005 Artist-in-Residence, Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, WA.

2004 The Chancellor’s Award for the outstanding 2003 PhD ,  University of Technology, Sydney.

2003 Interdisciplinary Research Grant, Oberman Center, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA.

Donald E. Peterson Endowed Fellowship for Excellence, College of Arts and Sciences,

University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

1998 Australia Council, Visual Arts/Craft Board New Works Project Development Grant

1995, 93        Art, Research & Dev. Grant, Australian Network for Art and Technology), Adelaide, SA.

1994 Maximum Exposure Competition/Ideas Category Award, The Photographer's Gallery, The Times Magazine,        


           The British Council Visitation Grant for Australian Researchers. London, UK

1993 Women and Art Scholarship, New South Wales Ministry for the Arts, Sydney, AUS

1991      Australia Council, Visual Arts/Craft Board Overseas Dev. Grant (’94 London residency).


1991 Pat Corrigan Artist’s Exhibition Grant, NAVA (National Advocacy for the Visual

           Arts), Sydney, Australia

     1985 Artist's Exhibition Grant, Artist's Space, New York, New York



Selected Publications

2005    Cummins, Rebecca, “Light Work: Contemporary Artists Consider the Sun” in Orchiston, W. (ed.), The New

Astronomy: Opening the Electromagnetic Window and Expanding our View of Planet Earth. Dordrect, Kluwer. 2005:293-310


2004 “I Space offers a daring, must-see show”, Alan G. Artner, Art Critic, Chicago Tribune, Chicago, IL, 6.11.04

     “Down Under and Back”, Thomas Gearty,  A Journal for Photography and  Imaging Educators,


2003 M-1000, “SCI-ART: The Science and Psychology of Color in Artwork”, NY Arts  Magazine, 8.1.03

“According to George:  It’s 3 PM”, A & S Perspectives, College of Arts & Sciences,

     University of Washington, Summer 2003.  Vol. 4, #3

2002 Andrew Bock, The Age Saturday Extra, Melbourne, Victoria, November 8, 2002

Stephanie Radock, “Now I Talk Like This”, Australian Art Monthly, 4.2002:9-12, cover image

Wendy Walker, “Converge: Where Art and Science Meet”, The Advertiser, 3.4.02:1, Weekly

     Converge: where are and science meet, The 2002 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, Adelaide.

2001 “From Pinhole to Pixel”, The University of Sydney News, University of Sydney, 2001:7

2000 Leah McLeod, “Elastic Contemporary Art Projects”, Globe E Journal of Contemporary Art,

ed. by Blair French, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC.  12.2000

 “Artists’ Pages: Rebecca Cummins”, Photofile  60, 8.00, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney

“All Eyes Heavenward”, Robert McFarland, Sydney Morning Herald, 22.3.00, p 12

1999 Photo Files, ed. By Blair French, Australian Centre for Photography, 1999:38-47

1998 "Canberra Sculpture Forum", Deb Brown, Art Monthly, 5.1998. (cover image).

"rebecca cummins and rosemary laing:  envisioned", Anne Marsh, Eyeline, #35,97/98.

1996 "Phantasmagoria: Pre-Cinema to Visuality", Rebecca Cummins, Photofile #48, Australian

     Centre for Photography, 8.1996:38-39

1995 Time Travel in the Gallery”, Erkki Hutamo, Immersed in Technology, ed. Mary Ann Moses,

     Cambridge: MIT Press, 234, 264

1994 “Maximum Exposure”, London Times Magazine, London, England, 4.7.1994

"Artists and Guns", Christopher Chapman, World Art, Sydney, Australia,  Summer 1994

1991 “The Politics of Metaphor, Frames of Reference:  Aspects of Feminism and Art”, Meredith

           Morse, Eyeline, Brisbane, Qld, 12.1991

“Between the Acts:  Rebecca Cummins”, Brigette Carcenac de Tourne, Photofile, Australian Centre

     for Photography, Sydney, NSW, No. 33, 10.1991:30-35



2003      Doctorate in Creative Arts, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Technology, Sydney,

New South Wales, Australia.  Dissertation: Necro Techno:  Examples from an Archeology of Media


1982 Master of Art, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico

1979 Bachelor of Fine Art, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa


Academic Positions

2001-04         School of Art, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington  (Associate Professor 9/15/05)

1986-2001  Senior Lecturer, Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia