The Mitochondria and Metabolism Center (MMC) housed at UW Medicine, South Lake Union is home to a large and diverse community of researchers. The MMC brings together multi-disciplinary investigators from across the university and its affiliated institutions to foster interactions, promote research, and to share resources.

This is an exciting time in basic research as recent discoveries in molecular processes, involved in diseases such as cardiovascular disease, will advance prevention, therapeutics, and diagnostics. Please consider supporting our scientists in their efforts.

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Distinguished Lecture Series
Tuesday, January 24, 2017, SLU, Orin Smith Auditorium
Burns Blaxall, PhD
Therapeutic targeting of cardiac and renal fibrosis

Mitochondria and Metabolism Interest Group

February 3, 2017 4-5pm, SLU, Admin Building C123AB

Jen Davis Lab
David Hockenberry Lab