Tian Lab - Post Doctoral Fellowship

A postdoc position is available in Dr. Tian’s laboratory in the Mitochondria and Metabolism Center, University of Washington, Seattle to study mitochondrial biology and cell metabolism in human diseases. The project focuses on molecular mechanisms linking mitochondrial function, redox state and cell metabolism in the development of human diseases such as cardiovascular and metabolic diseases (Cell Metab. 2013;18(2):239-50; Circ Res.2013; 113(5):603-16; Circ Res. 2013; 112(8):1135-49).  The research utilizes a multidisciplinary approach including genomics, proteomics, and molecular imaging techniques, in addition to standard physiology, biology and biochemistry methods.


We seek highly motivated individuals with a PhD, MD/PhD or DVM/PhD degree, a strong publication record and excellent written and oral communication skills. The candidate must be within 3 years after receiving the last graduate degree.


Please send a cover letter detailing both your previous scientific work experience and your interest in this position, along with your curriculum vitae and contact information for three references to rongtian@uw.edu


The University of Washington is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.