Wang Lab - Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Dr. Wang’s laboratory is currently seeking a postdoctoral fellow to conduct highly innovative studies on mitochondrial function regulation in the heart. The focus of our research is on the mitochondrial metabolic regulation, ion homeostasis and free radical generation in healthy and diseased heart. Specifically, this project is funded by NIH to explore the origin and role of oxidative stress in failing heart. The project will utilize multi-disciplinary tools in molecular biology, cell biology, physiology and signaling transduction. Interested researchers with MD, PhD or MD/PhD degrees in biomedical or biological field are encouraged to apply. Successful candidates will be self-motivated, be able to work independently, and have related research experience. Good organization and time-management skills, fluency in English, and proficiency in standard computer applications are necessary.
Please send your CV and cover letter describing your previous research accomplishment and how you can fit into this position to: Dr. Wang Wang at