Meet the Mentors

Megan Coley

Major: Speech & Hearing Sciences (BS) and Linguistics (BA)

Year: 5th year undergraduate student

Favorite Subject: Language development in adolescents and the mechanisms of speech production

I get excited about: Learning about new/other cultures and learning new languages. When it’s a warm, sunny day, I like to spend time outside, either doing something active (like kayaking, hiking, etc.) or studying.

Ask me about: Using organizational tools to prioritize and plan out course work. Academic resources available at the DRS.

I love: taking pictures and capturing memorable moments. I also have been enjoying taking my cardio-kickboxing class at the IMA. (I had a fantastic instructor whose class I took all 3 quarters last school year!)

Trevor Joireman

Trevor Joireman Headshot
Major: Computer Science and Psychology

Year: Senior

Favorite Subject: Social Psychology; Machine Learning

I get excited about: trying new things, traveling and meeting new people.

Ask me about: how to make your study time efficient.

I love: playing drums and guitar, backpacking and baseball.

Taylor Madsen

Taylor Madsen Headshot
Major: Speech and Hearing Sciences

Minor: Disability Studies

Year: Senior

Favorite Subject: Language Disorders

I get excited about: seeing where I’ll end up for grad school next year.

Ask me about: the best coffee shops to study in around the U-District.

I love: art, cooking, anything outdoors, and traveling.

Jordan Sonneborn

Jordan Sonneborn Headshot
Major: Speech and Hearing Sciences

Minor: Education, Learning, and Societies

Year: Senior

Favorite Subject: English, Art, Biology, Speech Sciences, Neurology, Neurogenetics

I get excited about: becoming a speech language pathologist/speech therapist and traveling around the world.

Ask me about: different places to study on campus, study tips, organizing time and class pages.

I love: reading, exploring Seattle, hiking.

Hannah Tsai


Major: Speech and Hearing Sciences

Year: Senior

Favorite Subject: Speech physiology

I get excited about: movies and different kinds of food.

Ask me about: music and orchestra.

I love: reading, playing the violin.