Peer Mentoring

Currently, MOSSAIC offers a peer mentoring program for students on the Seattle campus.

Mentors occupy a different sort of role than a friend or a tutor does. A peer mentor can be a guide, a coach, and sometimes adviser, someone who has encountered challenges and can share the wisdom of their experiences. Peer mentoring relationships help both students understand how personal identities and goals shape education, extracurricular priorities, and future career choices.

MOSSAIC peer mentors and mentees take the time to build a relationship together, then work to identify personal challenges and set goals related to the college experience.

What do peer mentors do, exactly?

Our peer mentors provide ongoing support to help mentees reach their goals (e.g., navigating campus resources, assistance with time management strategies and tools, strategies for communication with professors or in group work).

Another unique role our mentors can provide is accountability partnering: simply being present and calmly “riding shotgun” for participants who need to work on complex or high-cognitive-load tasks like planning schedules or organizing course assignments.

How do people start working with a mentor?

Interested MOSSAIC participants are matched with mentors during autumn quarter. Mentor/mentee pairs compare schedules, and establish a weekly time to meet on campus and spend one-on-one time together

How often do I meet with my mentor?

We expect mentor/mentee pairs to meet once a week; this provides the best foundation for building an effective partnership. As the academic year progresses and relationships mature, some pairs may naturally gravitate toward more collaboration or more autonomy; check with a program coordinator if you have questions about this.