DISC MR Lab Services

DISC MR Research Laboratory Services

As a cutting-edge research facility, the MR Research Laboratory provides advanced support for multidisciplinary researchers from more than 15 departments across the UW campus. Some primary services are:


    With our new state-of-the-art 3T MR system and other equipment, we provide:
  • Well-trainned professional staff to assist researchers in obtaining and processing high-quality MR data
  • Support for image contrast enhancement for various applications


    As an academic research institution, we actively educate various students in the science of MRI. Students include the following:
  • Fellows and residents from the UW and other institutions
  • Graduate students from departments that include bioengineering, mathematics and behavioral sciences
  • Undergraduate students
  • Visiting scientists including national and international
  • Research technologist training


  • Custom MR pulse sequence design
  • Optimization of MR imaging techniques for specific experimental design
  • Functional imaging paradigm development
  • Design and construction of custom hardware, like RF coils, electronics fabrication, gradient coil development, and unique magnet-compatible sensors.
  • Software support such as image processing and analysis, data storage/transfer, and 3D image rendering and display
  • To consult with our support staff, go to DISC Support Center.

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