Alumni Profiles

Spring 2010 | Dean's Announcement

James Williams Receives COE Diamond Award

In January 2010, College of Engineering Dean Matt O'Donnell announced that MSE alumnus Jim Williams will be awarded the COE Diamond Award at the May 7, 2010, Diamond Award Presentation event.

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Autumn 2008 | Trend

Tom Delimitros: At the forefront in creating value

"Engineering used to be described as a calling, to be undertaken with passion and intensity," said Tom Delimitros, who applied that philosophy to his own career in industry and as a venture capitalist investing in high-tech companies. "Engineers are at the forefront in creating value in our society. I want to see many more young people thinking about an engineering career," Delimitros said.

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May 2008 | Roberts Hall Review

Hira Fotedar: Starting from scratch

Born and raised in Kashmir, India, Hira Fotedar arrived at the UW in 1966 to pursue his doctorate in metallurgical engineering. Fotedar was the first PhD student of Tom Stoebe, former MSE chair. "Since Tom and I joined UW at the same time, we had to develop the laboratory infrastructure in support of my research," Fotedar said. He used department’s machine shop to design and build furnaces, jigs and fixtures for his own studies.

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