Reinhardt Abraham Memorial Foundation Exchange Program

6-Month Exchange Programs start on April 1st (Spr/Sum) and October 1st (Aut/Wtr).


Deadlines for Applications are Aug. 1st (Spr/Sum) and Feb. 1 (Aut/Wtr). 

Seniors and graduate students have an opportunity to spend a 6 month period as a UW exchange student at the Technical University of Berlin (TU-B) with all expenses paid! Don't miss an incredible opportunity to get to know another culture, obtain international and technical experience in your field, and best of all, experience one of Europe most interesting and exciting cities! The Reinhardt Abraham Memorial Foundation provides grad students and undergrad seniors the opportunity to spend a 6 month period as a UW exchange student at the Technical University of Berlin (TU-B). The UW students will be participants in research projects for the duration of the stay at TU-B. The studies focus upon civil air transport, associated technology, and the sciences needed for its development.  


Created in 1996, the Foundation's goal is to promote exchanges and work experiences in industry between students at the University of Washington and the Technische Universität Berlin. The Reinhardt Abraham Memorial Foundation was established in memoriam of the late Reinhardt Abraham, based on an initiative of The Boeing Company and the Deutsche Lufthansa AG. Abraham was a member of the Board of Directors of Lufthansa from 1972 to 1989 and responsible for the Technical Division. In the successful course of his professional working life, he built up a reputation as a professional of high caliber in the domain of civil aviation. During his working life he always maintained a close relationship to the Technische Universität Berlin, the place where he studied physics, business engineering and aviation technology. Giving guest lectures at the Technische Universität was one of the activities which reflected his intense interest in the promotion of young talents in the aviation industry.


Mission of the Reinhardt Abraham Memorial Foundation

The aim of the Reinhardt Abraham Memorial Foundation is to foster the further education and training of students and/or young German and American graduates in the field of aviation and air transportation.  The Reinhardt Abraham Memorial Foundation has been integrated into the existing Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung as an independent division. The statutory object of the Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung is the preservation and operation of civilian historic aircraft as well as the patronage of sciences in the field of aviation.


A Committee of Trustees composed of representatives of the Boeing Company, Lufthansa and the Technische Universität Berlin has been established for the Reinhardt Abraham Memorial Foundation.  The Committee of Trustees chooses the beneficiaries and provides advice concerning the directives of the study support programs. In this way it works under the auspices of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung. 


Terms of the Exchange Grants

The Foundation provides grants for the exchange program, (food, lodging and air fare) to students from the the University of Washington and Technische Universität Berlin with a focus on civil air transport, its associated technology, and science needed for its development.  Applications are accepted twice annually for stays of 6 months that begin on April 1 and October 1. In expressing interest in this program, an interest area would have to be stated so that an appropriate supervising faculty member in Berlin can be identified. We strongly recommend making your interest known as soon as possible so that the departure dates can be adhered to. Knowledge of the German language is not required although, some competence is desirable. 


An application is made by submitting a short resume and a letter to RASF Selection Committee, c/o Prof. Raj Bordia, stating interests, describing goals, particularly as these relate to the Foundation interest in promoting civil aviation, language competence, interest in Germany, as well as extra curricular interests. The letter should be as specific as possible regarding the area of study so that a good match with people at the TU-B can be made. The applicant must be a student at the UW and be willing to pay tuition to the UW while in Germany.  Given the requirement that most of the activity consists of working as a member of a research team (rather than taking courses), the best time for undergraduates to apply is in their senior year and for graduate students pursuing an MS or PhD degree. 


Information about the program may be obtained from:

Prof. Raj Bordia
Materials Science & Engineering
302F Roberts / Campus Box 352120
TEL : 206-685-8158 / EMAIL :


Prof. Brian Flinn
Materials Science & Engineering
337 Roberts / Campus Box 352120
TEL : 206-616-9068 / EMAIL :

or you may refer to the Aeronautics & Astronautics Department contacts.


Contact Us

Undergrad Academic Adviser
Sandra Maddox
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Graduate Academic Adviser
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