Emeritus Faculty

   Name & PositionResearch Areas

Alan D. Miller

Associate Professor Emeritus


Instrumental analysis, high-temp equilibria processing, electronic ceramics, cooperative education.

Douglas H. Polonis

Professor Emeritus


Physical metallurgy, phase transformations, mechanical properties of  materials.

Y. K. Rao

Professor Emeritus

302K Roberts

Coal & Coke utilization in metallurgical smelters; steady-state in high-temperature systems; IECMQ: a computer program for calculating equilibrium in flue-gas scrubbing (Ca-O-H-C-Cl-S-N) system; equilibrium phase-stability diagrams in materials systems.

Robert G. Stang

Associate Professor Emeritus


Mechanical behavior of materials, elastic and plastic deformation of materials, high temperature creep in metals and ceramics, substructure effects.

Thomas G. Stoebe

Professor Emeritus

237 Wilcox

Lattice defects and luminescence in solids, III-V compound semiconductor growth and characterization, thermoluminescence with applications to solid state radiation dosimetry and archaeological dating, materials education.