Christine Luscombe

Christine Luscombe

  • Associate Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
  • Campbell Career Development Endowed Professorship
  • Adjunct Associate Professor of Chemistry

319 Roberts Hall
122 Molecular Engineering & Sciences Bldg

Phone:(206) 616-1220
Fax:(206) 543-3100
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Ph.D., Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, 2005

M.S., Trinity College, University of Cambridge, 2000

Research Interests

Molecular self-assembly is a powerful tool for creating novel nanometer scale architectures. Nature uses self-assembly to organize simple components into well-defined, 3D, functional structures. In recent years, much progress has been made in creating nanometer scale patterns using the bottom-up approach inspired by nature. The goal of the research in the group is to utilize and expand the current knowledge of self-assembly processes in the development of functional molecules with novel electronic and photonic properties. Our research involves the design and synthesis of functional molecules, which range from well-defined macromolecules to polymers. We are also interested in the ability of the materials to self-assemble and to be used in a variety of applications including, organic thin film transistors, organic photovoltaic devices, and chemical and biological sensors. The work performed in the group is multidisciplinary, involving organic and polymer synthesis, materials science and engineering, physics, and electrical engineering.


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