Research Centers

Faculty from our department are either lead partners, core members or active participants in the following interdisciplinary centers and labs with facilities on or near the UW that research materials science.

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Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials in Transport Aircraft Structures

The Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials in Transport Aircraft Structures (AMTAS) is a consortium of academic institutions, aerospace companies, and government agencies that are part of the FAA Joint Advanced Materials and Structures Center of Excellence (JAMS). AMTAS addresses safety and certification initiatives for existing, near- and long-term applications of composites and advanced materials for large transport commercial aircraft.

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Genetically Engineered Materials Science and Engineering Center

GEMSEC is an NSF-funded Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) at the UW. Researchers adapt techniques from molecular biology and genomics to develop new materials and systems.


Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology

Facilitates interdisciplinary research in photonics, electronics, and magnetic materials; materials for energy generation and storage; biomaterials for the bio-nano interface; and multifunctional composites.

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Center for Materials and Devices for Information Technology Research - Science and Technology Center

Established by the National Science Foundation in 1987 to fund interdisciplinary research and education activities and encourage technology transfer.

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Micron Laboratory for Combinatorial Materials Exploration

Boise-based Micron Technology Inc., manufacturer of memory chips and image sensors, and the Micron Foundation helped launch the new lab at the UW to enable faster, more efficient screening of new materials for microelectronics and more.

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Center for Nanotechnology at the University of Washington

Research includes learning from nature at the nanoscale and developing novel tools for nanofabrication and studying cell operations at the nanoscale.


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