April 2014: Xiaodong Xu is the Recipient of Two Prestigious Awards




2014 Young Scientist Prize in Physics of Semiconductors

Young Scientist Prizes in Semiconductor Physics are awarded by the American Physical Society's IUPAP C8 Commission on Semiconductors. Two prizes are awarded biennially for outstanding contributions to semiconductor physics and its applications, made by early career scientists with a maximum of 8 years of research experience (excluding career interruption) following the award of the PhD. The prize will be awarded during the 32nd International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors to be held in Austin, Texas from 10-15 August 2014. The Prizes include commemorative IUPAP medals and 1000 Euros each, and invited oral presentations at ICPS2014.


2014 Cottrell Scholar Award

Started in 1994 by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement Foundation, the Cottrell Scholar Award Program funds early career faculty in the physical sciences and related fields who are committed to excellence in both research and undergraduate teaching at U.S. research universities. The premise is that the right combination of high-caliber research, integrated with modern, interactive educational tools, creates the perfect environment for scientific breakthroughs and outstanding learning outcomes for the next generation of U.S. scientists. The main goal of the CSA program is to advance scientific research and education through promotion of the teacher/scholar model at research universities. The award provides $75,000 over a period of three years.


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