Raj Bordia selected as an Academician of the World Academy of Ceramics

Raj Bordia, UW professor of materials science and engineering, has been selected as an Academician of the World Academy of Ceramics, Class of 2011. The award was bestowed on Prof. Bordia in June 2012 in Perugia Italy.
The Academician honor is made to individuals who have made an internationally renown significant contribution to the advancement of ceramics culture, science, technology, industry and art are eligible as Academicians. The appointment rewards identifiable contributions and accomplishments of the candidate in the following subjects: 1. Recognized personal contribution to new knowledge in ceramic theory and practice including significant contribution to the literature on ceramics, and 2. Important personal actions directed toward fostering a better understanding of the social interactions of ceramics science, technology, history and art and/or strengthening the cultural ties within the international ceramics community. More information can be found at the WAC website: http://www.waceramics.org/

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