Willow is an Environmental Engineering and Interdisciplinary Honors undergraduate at the University of Washington. She grew up on an island at the base of the Olympics and surrounded by Puget Sound, with a community willing to stoke curiosity and exploration. From sustainable, compassionate design for housing community members to retrofitting sailboats for carbon-negative, open-ocean racing– opportunities to investigate her interest in studying environmental impact and hydrological principles arose. She’s engaged in diverse teams worldwide in educational, experiential, and professional capacities. These efforts include social and scientific enterprise exploration in India (with Biome Environmental Trust, the Digital Empowerment Foundation, Nima Goos Goos, and SECMOL Campus), investigating Heli work (rescue, reconnaissance, alpine construction, & avalanche barrier projects) with Heli Bernina in the Engadine valley, and mountaineering encounters with climbers, climatologists, and cultural shepherds alike atop the Monte Rosa Massif. In her free time, she enjoys all things outdoors: sailing, climbing, hiking, alpinism, skiing, riding, swimming, and, at the end of it all, a good book.