Build and Compare Schedule Options

Build and Compare Schedule Options

Schedule Builder helps you better plan for upcoming quarters by providing a visual representation of how different planned course sections will fit in to your busy day. Start by adding scheduled courses to your plan, then select the “Build Your Schedule” tab at the top of your plan page. Schedule Builder will provide you with a group of visual schedules that you can explore. You can choose to display up to 3 schedule options in Schedule Builder at any time. Add block times for specific days to return the best schedule options for you. “Pin” up to three options with the pushpin icon to keep track of which schedules work best and save them for later.

Schedule Builder allows you to create schedule options with any available courses or sections, but it does not check to see that you have met the pre-requisites or registration requirements for the courses that you have chosen. Make sure to check the course detail information to ensure that you have met any restrictions before your registration appointment.

UW students are now able to register through Schedule Builder. Simply choose your preferred schedule from either the schedule results or your pinned schedules and select the “View/Register” link to begin the registration hand-off process.

Why don’t I see any schedule options?

By default, Schedule Builder only returns schedules with course sections that are open for enrollment and that do not conflict with courses you are currently registered for or blocked times that you have added to the calendar.  If you receive no schedules from Schedule Builder, try the following:

–Check the appropriate boxes in the Schedule Builder header to include courses with closed sections or that may conflict with your registered courses. You can also try including sections offered by UW PCE.

–Remove excluded block times from your schedule.

If you continue having trouble receiving schedules from Schedule Builder, consider adding a different set of courses to your plan.