MyPlan 2.1 Release Notes

Release date:
Release type: New Features

New Features

  • [MYPLAN-95] – View all / search all Gen Ed reqs by entering VLPA, etc.


  • [MYPLAN-2962] – Add additional Schedule Builder access points

User Stories

  • [MYPLAN-1562] – As a student, I want to search for sections with the option to indicate the day and time so that I can find a section that fits my schedule.
  • [MYPLAN-2877] – As a student, I want to view and add sections to my plan that meet my section search criteria, so that I don’t have to spend a bunch of time looking over the course details page.
  • [MYPLAN-2985] – As a student, I want course search results to prioritize courses with “complete section sets” over courses that have primary but no secondary sections that meet my filter criteria, so that I am able to identify something I could register for more easily.

Bugs Fixed

  • [MYPLAN-1748] – IE9: Search not always refreshed as expected
  • [MYPLAN-2776] – Multiple clicks on reserved time delete causes json parse error
  • [MYPLAN-2937] – Schedule Builder: UX issue with “We are unable to send your schedule to registration” alert
  • [MYPLAN-2947] – name of course dynamic attr was changed in CM 2.0 but not our code
  • [MYPLAN-2955] – Navigation: “Build Your Schedule” button is enabled for user who has yet to initialize their plan
  • [MYPLAN-2957] – Find Courses page: Java script error encountered when bookmarking (or deleting bookmark for) course with ampersand
  • [MYPLAN-2958] – Schedule Builder: suggest that last light-box in reg hand-off refer to window -or- tab
  • [MYPLAN-2961] – Title of the messages page, “Messages & Comments” is absent.
  • [MYPLAN-2964] – Schedule Builder: unpin confirmation popover gets sent to footer (likely out of view).
  • [MYPLAN-2966] – Course Description in database not showing on Course Description page
  • [MYPLAN-2967] – Myplan plan page throws stackTrace
  • [MYPLAN-2974] – Qtr search returns different numbers than any quarter then qtr filter
  • [MYPLAN-2977] – IE9: IE11: Find Courses: results list wrapped below facet bar
  • [MYPLAN-2978] – Unexpected secondary results on CDP after filtered search
  • [MYPLAN-2979] – Find Courses: JSON parse error when all days of the week are deselected
  • [MYPLAN-2980] – Find Courses: Courses appear in results list when no sections meet the search criteria.
  • [MYPLAN-2981] – Facet numbers aren’t accurate (-1)
  • [MYPLAN-2982] – Find courses: unexpected results from filtered day/time search
  • [MYPLAN-2986] – Something about displaying sections for a CS&SS course in Quarter view yields a java script error.
  • [MYPLAN-2987] – CDP shows filter but no results; search results don’t align with CDP display
  • [MYPLAN-2998] – Find Courses: java script error encountered when no campus selected
  • [MYPLAN-2999] – Sections from excluded institute codes are impacting filters
  • [MYPLAN-3001] – Lightbox too small for 1st time user experience image
  • [MYPLAN-3002] – Find Courses: time search: unexpected handling of sections which meet at different times on different days
  • [MYPLAN-3005] – Schedule Builder results don’t display reliably
  • [MYPLAN-3006] – Stack trace on production when opening SB during plan load
  • [MYPLAN-3010] – Forbidden error to CDP for zurreco
  • [MYPLAN-3011] – Forbidden Access for eallaway