MyPlan 1.0.1 Release Notes

Release date: 10/05/2012
Type: Bug patch, no new features

Bugs Fixed

  • [MYPLAN-717] – Recent Audit Reports list in right gutter not updated after audit is complete – until page is refreshed.
  • [MYPLAN-776] – When database service was down, the Plan page took about 1 to 1 and 1/2 minutes to load.
  • [MYPLAN-787] – Update text when there’s no bookmarked courses
  • [MYPLAN-830] – Audit “Updating” text and image under shadow
  • [MYPLAN-837] – Timeout too long, and with no informative message, when Find Courses doesn’t get a response from service.
  • [MYPLAN-850] – Inline help bubble cut-off (went off screen)
  • [MYPLAN-857] – Mouse pointer(cursor) should not change to finger pointer when hover over Credits/Quarter Offered, etc
  • [MYPLAN-858] – Hover highlight color is inconsistent and didn’t highlight 100% of vertical space
  • [MYPLAN-878] – IE9: Square corners appear on gold buttons when ghosted or hovered over.
  • [MYPLAN-884] – Inaccurate wording of “edge-case” error message encountered in adviser view.
  • [MYPLAN-891] – Search result pages handling
  • [MYPLAN-896] – Adviser View links to WordPress site – not the Help section
  • [MYPLAN-900] – Long course titles creating text misalignment
  • [MYPLAN-902] – Error text is incorrect
  • [MYPLAN-907] – IE8: Apostrophe in the word “we’re” is not displayed properly in Audit error message.
  • [MYPLAN-913] – Audit reports are not being saved
  • [MYPLAN-917] – Unexpected error messages when attempting to run audit with SWS audit service unavailable.
  • [MYPLAN-919] – Adviser View message on Course Details page, regarding course taken needs “on” changed to “in”.
  • [MYPLAN-921] – 0 Messages Case
  • [MYPLAN-923] – Hovering over a help icon (?) raises two “bubbles” or “tooltips”.
  • [MYPLAN-924] – Time schedule anchors for courses with a space in their course codes not all working.
  • [MYPLAN-930] – Can’t copy planned or backup course from past quarter.
  • [MYPLAN-931] – Course search page keeps on loading on search
  • [MYPLAN-933] – The page which reports that the user’s browser is unsupported has the wrong title.
  • [MYPLAN-934] – Drama Audit error in creating links to courses — also throws javascript errors in IE
  • [MYPLAN-936] – Some confusion around Bookmark/AddToPlan popover invoked by course link in Audit report.
  • [MYPLAN-938] – Course status: bookmarked course status is not consistent
  • [MYPLAN-940] – Status wording for a course withdrawn from could be improved.
  • [MYPLAN-958] – Awkward phrase added to “Bookmarked” status message in adviser view.
  • [MYPLAN-960] – FF: Chrome: Safari: “Learn more about Adviser View” link in disabled feature message, not working in non-IE browsers
  • [MYPLAN-966] – IE8 unexpectedly raises a security warning when user confirms deletion of a bookmarked course.